Jane Cullum - Graduated 14/12/2019

Date Commenced


Full name:

Jane Cullum

Study/Department Area:

Chemical and Materials Engineering, Asset Management

Profile Type:

PhD Candidate


Bachelor of Chemical and Materials Engineering (Honours) at the University of Auckland


I am a PhD student currently based in at the Australian Maritime College (AMC) in the University of Tasmania (UTAS), Australia. I worked hard in my studies to achieve First Class Honours in the Bachelor of Engineering undergraduate programme, specialising in Chemical and Materials. I graduated in 2014 from the University of Auckland.


I am a hard-working, keen problem-solver and quick to learn new skills. Both my formal education and my previous role as part of Veolia New Zealand have ensured that I have had exposure to a wide variety of challenges to date. I will apply these experiences to solve engineering and technical problems efficiently while building positive working relationships. My strongest skills are critical thinking, organisation, technical ability and creativity. I am extremely enthused to join the AMC and to be able to apply these skills in my new research opportunity.  This will focus on risk-based maintenance and its applications in the defence industry. I began this programme in March 2016.


My interests outside of work include painting and creative projects, the latest electronic entertainment, travelling and maintaining my health and fitness. In the scientific field I follow developments in physics and aerospace in particular.


For my future professional development, I will pursue excellence in my PhD research, industry placement opportunities and academic publications in order to contribute to the defence industry. I enjoy the organisational aspect of engineering projects and am currently applying these skills to ensure the success of my PhD.


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Research Project/s summary/description:

Development of a risk-based maintenance methodology for various forms of locomotion

PhD Thesis Title (if applicable):

Development of Risk-based Maintenance for Marine Vessels

Research Supervisors:

Assoc. Prof. Jonathan Binns, Dr. Vikram Garaniya, Dr. Rouzbeh Abbassi

Associated Researchers:

Assoc. Prof. Jonathan Binns, Dr. Vikram Garaniya, Dr. Rouzbeh Abbassi

Research Interests:

To be clarified

Teaching Interests / Subjects:

To be determined

Published Research:

Work in progress