Development of an inspection robot for confined spaces investigations

Brief Description

The purpose of the inspection robot is to do an objective corrosion survey of a confined space like internal tanks with the combined technology of spatial mapping with 3D laser mapping and terahertz radar. Terahertz can measure thickness across a coating precisely and it can also obtain the density of the coating. Unlike ultrasonics, the probe is not in contact with the sample and no preparation of the sample is required. It is totally non-invasive. The imaging of the coating can be done in real time and when combined to the 3D laser mapping system produces a precise interior map of the confined space coating condition.

Scope of the work

The scope is to design and build a prototype that can inspect confined spaces, assess the need for a repair and ultimately make the paint corrections in lieu of sending a trade to do both.

Which SEA program would benefit and how? Final outcome and impact (eg TRL increase?)

All SEA programs, including those with ships/boats in active duty, will benefit from this achievement. Outcome will be measurable in increased quality and time savings on the critical path for maintenance.