Andrew Short


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Andrew Jonathan Short


Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) and Bachelor of Computer Science

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I graduated from the University of Wollongong with a double degree in Mechatronics Engineering and Computer Science, and decided to continue at the university to pursue a PhD. My research interests focus around robotics, and in particularly how automated software and motion planning algorithms can make it easier to use robots for flexible tasks. Industrial robots in particular often have low levels of autonomy and require manual programming, making them unsuitable for use in changing environments. The ability to be able to instruct robots using high-level tasks to perform, rather than explicitly needing to program each movement, is key to their adoption for many tasks.




Research Project/s summary/description

I am working on a project in co-operation with ASC looking at using robots to inspect the inside of fuel tanks. As part of this, I am focussing on motion and trajectory planning for high degree-of-freedom robots in unknown and changing environments.

Robotic motion planning is the problem of generating a valid series of movements to move a robot from a start position to a desired goal position. This is a well-studied problem, with a number of standard approaches available. My research will focus on ways to build on these to improve efficiency, and to improve their operation when a robot is operating in a dynamic environment. I will also be looking at motion planning when a robot is required to move in a specific way to perform a task.

PhD Thesis Title

(if applicable)

Trajectory and Motion Planning for High Degree of Freedom Manipulators in Dynamic Environments

Research Supervisors:

Dr. Stephen van Duin, Dr. Zengxi (Stephen) Pan

Research Interests:

Robotics, Industrial robots, Motion planning